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Q & A - Staking

Who controls and holds staking token?

Staking token is held within the staking wallet address controled by a smart contract.

Are fixed APR's sustainable?

GC does not offer fixed APR as depends on the staking performance, this maximizes the potential APR.

When do I receive the APR that I have earned and where is it sent?

At the end of the staking period - deposited into your wallet address.

How can I know my profit/income in my wallet?

Payment will show as a verifieable transaction  hash

Which product in staking should I invest?

we do not provide financial advice ask a qualified financial advisor up to you as they all good

Can I withdraw before maturity period?

No. By an smart contract independent.

Who is behind Gcex?

GCS founding team consists of financial, trading and technology professionals see for leadership

How can XAUs be competitive in gold trading?

Traditionally, gold trading using fiat currency is known as zero sum trading. In zero sum trading the trader cannot convert fiat currency gains after deducting swap charges, margin calls, and holding costs at the market entry weight of gold. In other words, the trader cannot use the cash-out position of the trade to re-enter the market at the same cash-out gold weight. However, XAUs overcomes zero sum trading. As XAUs represent gold weight, the market entry weight does not change regardless of fiat currency price of gold. Gains convert into gold weight, while the trader holding the XAUs market entry position will suffer no weight loss should the fiat currency price of gold fall below the market entry fiat currency price.

How are funds in the exchange secured?

Our exchange uses multi-layer security in which multiple defensive mechanisms are deployed in tandem to protect data and information. A methodology of this sort — in which one layer of security being compromised doesn’t break the entire system — is able to address a variety of attack vectors at once and decrease  the likelihood of a successful breach. To protect private keys, deposit addresses, credentials and authentication the exchange employe world leading technology including Multi Party Computation keys, Intel-SGX, co-signer virtual machine, and "air-gapped" machines.   

Which network is GCex built on?

The exchange does not run on any particular blockchain network but can host a variety of networks and GCS tokens and coins

How many are in existence GCS?

Five million with a life time cap of 10 million. 

What is the official contract address for GCS & XAUs?

GCS contract address  :     0x79BFCE8b9419A9d2221DF9f2898D1D4E24353e8e
XAUs not launched

What is GCex? 

Regulated exchange - fully Sharia compliant

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