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Tokenization With Participating Banks 

Banks can  tokenize gold held as security into XAUs.  Tokenization advantages are:

  • Up-to-date mark-to-market gold balance sheet value.

  • Reduced insurance costs relating to holding the gold security.

  • XAUs eliminates human reporting and transaction errors.

  • Simplicity in disposing of unclaimed and forfeited gold security.

  • Avoids discounting to achieve immediate sale or large gold weights.

  • Improve risk gearing management.

  • Opportunity to create other derivative products.  

  • Gold weighted tokens avoids currency exposure risk.

Remittance Services 

XAUs are fungible tokens that are divisible to 8 decimal places and redeemable for physical gold. This makes XAUs useful for payments and tradable against other gold products.


XAUs permit the benefit of undertaking micro payment settlements defined to 8 decimal places. An ideal solution for individuals or institutions seeking to invest in gold, simplifying everyday purchases and cross-border payments.


The Islamic population of 1.8 billion are unserved by most gold financial instruments and crypto tokens because Shariah Law does not permit the use of a promise of payment as a medium of exchange. XAUs complies with Shariah Law as XAUs are weight of gold not a promise of payment, offering tremendous value to the Islamic population.  XAUs is a viable opportunity for the Islamic to benefit from gold ownership and payments. Ten XAUs are equivalent to a physical dinar gold coin that is commonly used within the Islamic community.

Simplifying International Transactions

Legacy technology and the over-reaching involvement of governments, oligopoly of banks, and various third-party payment service providers have increased transaction and processing times of cross-border payments. It is not unusual for payment transactions to take between three to five days to clear, during which the parties are exposed to price volatility and transaction fees averaging 4% or more of the payment amount.

XAUs offers the opportunity to eliminate these existing payment disadvantages while offering round-the-clock settlements. XAUs can potentially foster the development of a global payment system that is faster, lower costs, and more inclusive compared to the existing banking and payment providers systems. It allows businesses to scale internationally by eliminating the need for the development of new payment infrastructure within each new region.  XAUs are a very attractive alternative to fiat currency for payment transactions, especially international transactions.

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