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Darlitana UAB

Darlitana UAB is licensed to operate Digital Asset Wallet & Digital Asset Exchange by the Financial Crime Investigation Service of LIthuania. GCex is Darlitana's trade name in the business involving the creation and distribution of stable tokens GCS & Gold Backed Stable Token the XAUs, minting of physical gold Dinar coin standard, trading of cryptocurrencies, operating a cryptocurrency exchange & security tokenization projects.

GCS Token


GCS token fills the gap between Islamic financing and global capital markets while maintaining compliance with Shariah  Law. GCS token is the governance token capturing the value of  GCex ecosystems. Holders of GCS can  benefit from price appreciation from the growth in the value of the GCex ecosystems. If you are interested in purchasing GCS tokens, login to the exchange at

GCS Token

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GC Exchange

XAUs Token

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