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XAUS Innovative Stable Coin

XAUS (singular & plural) is the name for an innovative crypto stable token with an intrinsic gold value. Each XAUS is backed by exactly 0.425 grams of 22kt gold that can be redeemed for physical gold. As gold has long been accepted as a method of payment and for preserving wealth, XAUS should achieve wide popularity and strong demand derived from its  attractiveness for investors; as gold is the metal that has stood the test of time. XAUS is likely to prove popular within the 1.4 billion Islamic community because ten XAUS are equivalent to an Islamic dinar standard coin weighing 4.25 gms.


XAUS being "weighted" by physical gold, offers greater price predictability and stability compared to fiat currencies or other crypto coins and tokens that don’t have an intrinsic value. The intrinsic value of XAUS should increase the appeal for its use as a financial instrument useful for hedging and debt leveraging. XAUS through implementation of smart contracts operating on decentralized blockchain networks offers exceptional security, portability, secrecy, and tradability. 

Benefits of XAUs Stable Coins

XAUS are available for individuals as well as corporations, institutions, businesses, and banks to trade, undertake global payments using smart contracts employed on blockchain technology or even preserve wealth.  XAUS benefits and strengths are:

Represents physical gold

Option to redeem for physical gold. 0.425gms of gold will be minted for every  XAUS that is released into circulation and XAUS can be redeemed for said gold.

Price predictability

Gold has a long and heavily analyzed price history. It has long been a well known form of wealth preservation & creation. 

Reduce payment costs and time

Avoid various payment issues associated with payments in different fiat currencies.

Highly accepted payment  method

Gold is a highly accepted throughout the world. Every country recognizes the value of gold.

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