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GGCex exchange is operated by Darlitana UAB. Darlitana UAB (registration number 305921328) with
address at Perkunkiemio str., Vilnius 13-91 has licenses issued by Lithuania FCIS. The issued licenses are License to Deposit Virtual Currency Wallet Operator and Virtual Currency Exchange Operator.


The many services GCex exchange carries out as a regulated exchange include issuing of GCS tokens and in the future issuing of XAUs tokens, while operating a trading platform for trading GCS tokens, XAUs tokens and other cryptos.

The GCex exchange offers a robust set of trading analysis and analytic tools for traders. These include
candlestick charts, depth charts, time intervals, drawing tools and technical indicators. GCex exchange
utilizes an effective authentication and data protective systems for trades.

A successful exchange requires sufficient liquidity to serve the number of trades. It is important that
when a sell or buy order occurs, the transaction completes in minimum time.  GCex provides funds to ensure sufficient liquidity for GCex exchange  to complete transactions in minimum time. The exchange  uses “automated market-making” protocol for a wide array of cryptos.

GCex Exchange

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