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GoldChain token (“GC”) is a digital token providing holders the opportunity to share in the success of GoldChain ecosystem and revenue sources. Each GC is a utility token that represents an undivided share ownership of GoldChain ecosystem covering assets, services, technology, token appreciation, and cash distributions without actual ownership. GC are like ownership of stocks in the traditional stock market without liability incurred through actual ownership of the business. GC are tradeable blockchain technology-based tokens offering holders the benefits of profit-sharing and price appreciation of the GoldChain ecosystem with “business liability”.


XAUs is an innovative stable token representing 0.425g of physical gold secured by blockchain technology and redeemable for physical gold. With gold as its 100% underlying asset, XAUs will provide greater intrinsic value to holders when compared to other stable tokens represented by a fiat currency and even more so for coins that are not represented by any underlying asset altogether. XAUs, representing gold weight, offers attractive value to its holders as it is a well known fact that gold has steadily stood the test of time, in terms of; preserving wealth and as an acceptable method of payment throughout the world.


XAUs architecture will be based on TRC20 smart contracts on the TRON network using a decentralized exchange. Using a decentralized exchange will provide global trading of XAUs directly between buyer and seller wallets. Every order, alteration, and cancellation will be written to the network. This is arguably the most transparent approach to execute the orders. Private keys are owned by the users, not the exchange. Summary of the features of a decentralized exchange is:

GC Token


XAUs Token


Minting Physical Gold

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